A balance between school and extracurricular activities.

Wake → School → Study → Sleep → Repeat

Doesn’t it sound boring? That’s why, You need to have time for your extracurricular activities but in your busy schedule, you don’t get the time for extracurricular activities.

A healthy balance between academic study & extracurricular activities is a key to a successful career. An imbalance can cause poor performance in one area which can cause disbalance in in-person life. Here are some tips you can use to balance extracurricular activities and school.

Tips for finding this balance.

Start your day early: Early to bed, and early to man rise keep men healthy, prosperous and smart. Most of us know this phrase, but did you apply it to your life? If you start your day early in the morning, you have a lot of time to invest in a lot of things.
Plan your schedule well: Time management is key for a successful person. Create daily, weekly, and/or monthly schedules for all commitments, including academics, events, activities, deadlines, and more.
Displaying this on your calendar will help you understand the contents of the plate and prevent overbooking. You can also set reminders for upcoming events and develop healthy routines that suit you. The better you manage your time and keep your schedule, the more fun your extracurricular activities will be.
Limit distractions and stay focused: Technology can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to staying focused. Keep your phone in another room while you study so you don't want to write a text. Save the social media when the task is complete.
Encourage group work: Group work makes things easier. You can solve a variety of problems and share your knowledge with others.
Change the learning method: OLL allows students to learn practically, so it's fun to learn. Group classes are a great way for students to make friends, and it's also fun to learn with an experienced instructor.