AIMEP is in Active Mode before the General Election.

All India Mahila Empowerment Party is in active mode before the General Election. Party Chief Dr. Nowhera Shaik has been meeting with officials and state presidents, preparing strategies for the upcoming polls. As India is preparing for the biggest political celebration which is going to happen next year, political parties are gearing up with full energy. Party Chief has been consistently holding meetings with each and every office bearer and taking feedback on the work done on the grassroots level. Every Party worker has been assigned work to promote the party’s ideology and motto among the people. For the last 5 years, AIMEP party workers have been endeavouring on the ground which resulted in winning 8 seats in the recently held Maharashtra Gram Panchayat election.

The victory of AIMEP in the Maharashtra Gram Panchayat elections has made it stronger in the state.
The victory of 8 AIMEP candidates in the Gram Panchayat elections has made it stronger in the state. All the elected members deserve respect and love as they really worked hard and won the outstanding 8 seats. Party has won eight Gram Panchayat seats of Fatehpur and Sarpanch Village Situated in the Latur district. Party has been planning to be active on the ground and reaching to masses that has made it win 8 seats in the Maharashtra Gram Panchayat election. AIMEP party is continuously working on the grassroots level and it is expected that the party will win a large number of seats in the next general Election.