Ashish More deliberately not picking up the phone , AAP minister sent notice to IAS officer

New Delhi. The Delhi government has issued a show cause notice to senior IAS Ashish More for being absent without information. In the notice, the officer has been asked why disciplinary action should not be taken against you. Earlier, after the order of the Supreme Court, the Kejriwal government removed him from the post of service secretary. As per the notice, Ashish More was asked to present the file for the posting of new Secretary in the Services Department and he had also agreed. But instead of presenting the file to the minister, IAS officer Ashish More left the secretariat without notice. Ashish More did not answer the phone call and switched off the phone. It is alleged that IAS officer Ashish deliberately did not pick up the phone call. Delhi government minister Saurabh BhardwajA show cause notice was issued to the officer on May 13 itself. It is alleged that an offic