Best Cold Storage Service in Pune

Are you looking for cold storage in Pune? We offer cold storage in Pune for multiple businesses with real-time visibility of inventory for your temperature sensitive products. Get the best cold storage in Pune for all type of businesses at the best price.

We have ideal warehouse space to set up your cold storage facility. We can develop state-of-the-art temperature controlled cold rooms, as per your requirement. Our surroundings and premises are extremely clean and hygienic, making them most suitable for refrigerated storage.

Our cold room service is ideal for :

1. Agro products
2. Dairy products
3. Frozen fruits & vegetables
4. Perishable foods and nutrient products
5. Flowers and plants
6. Biopharmaceutical products , etc.

Having close proximity to major markets and easily accessible transport routes, our facility helps you minimize costs and improve efficiency.

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