China In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market, セグメント別&企業分析

In China, in vitro diagnostic industry has been emerged since the 1980s, and now the key players are manufacturing from single and straight forward products to complete industrial chains. The 21st century brought a rapid development in China IVD industry, where all the tools such as reagents and instruments are produced in-house. Nowadays the global companies have put their steps in China and engaged in business activities of in vitro diagnostic industry. The increasing number of test volumes related to clinical chemistry, immunoassay, haematology, coagulation and microbiology are in high demand. They are acting as a catalysing role for the growth of the China IVD industry. According to Renub Research analysis, China In Vitro Diagnostics Market will be USD 22.3 Billion by 2026.

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