Company Formation | Bahrain Helpline Group

Helpline Group has peerless experience and expertise in helping the expatriate community secure apostille certificates for their personal as well as non-personal documents. Our executives invest their time and effort in making the apostille authentication procedure fast, secured and smooth. Moreover, we are very particular about handling your valuable documents and certificates in the most responsible manner. Our worldwide industry liaisons and executives who constantly get in touch with the updations and improvisations in the procedures prescribed by the concerned authorities make sure that your applications are submitted according to the latest guidelines and policies. The Secretary of the State is concerned with the apostille services for personal and commercial documents like. They include Diploma certificates, Transcripts, Powers of Attorney, Company Agreements and many more. The duration for the approval of the apostille is relatively shorter. The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the most popular destinations among businessmen/women and entrepreneurs for setting up a viable commercial activity. The Government in Bahrain has revised their monetary policies and has opened a door to foreign investments. The Bahrain government allows foreign ownership and there is no corporate tax. You will also get outstanding connectivity facilities and the best infrastructure. The visa norms in Bahrain are also not that strict. Foreign company formation in Bahrain can be a gruesome process that consists of lots and lots of paperwork and procedures. This little piece of information will provide insight into five basic and important steps in setting up your business in Bahrain.
There are many who have failed to establish a successful business in Bahrain due to lack of sufficient knowledge and lack of experience. Some have left the path to their success midway because of not recieving a good assistance.