Extended Reality in Commercial Real Estate

Cities across India, are growing at a rapid pace ever since the advent of the 21st century.

As cities grow, infrastructure begins to boom and the population begins to soar.

This in turn creates a need for real estate, for commercial, residential and semi commercial purposes.

Organizations from across the globe are looking to invest in real-estate to shift a smooth transition in the case of scaling.

In such a scenario, technology plays a very crucial role in enabling marketing that traverses all boundaries.

In such a scenario, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality help boost the effects of technology by creating immersive experiences that tantalize the eyes of potential customers.

Why is XR important in real estate?
If you are wondering what the impact of XR will be on real estate, particularly in the commercial space, reflect on this statistic:

8 among every 10 real estate agents use virtual staging to help their potential customers understand the true value that the property will be offering them, by giving them an interactive and immersive experience.

Extended Reality can be used to commercialize real estate, and this number will only increase.

In fact, it is expected that the Real Estate sector will grow significantly by the end 2022.