Merlin Aquaville – Premium Bungalow project at Amtala- realtyquest

Merlin Aquaville, Aquaville, DH Road, Ibiza Club, Bungalow, For Sale, Row House, From ₹10,000,000. Sometimes it feels good to just sit by yourself relax and not talk to anyone. Just a deep breath is enough to make you feel alive. You don’t need to always have a plan, sometimes letting go is the best thing to happen. Let every moment be what it’s going to be. It’s the quality of life that matters. Merlin Aquaville is a beautifully designed project in Amtala, Diamond Harbour road. Twin Villas, and Row Houses amidst landscaped greenery and waterbody. It is Located near Amtala, Diamond Harbour road, inside the Ibiza club, it is well equipped with all modern amenities and facilities.