The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is proliferating in the Netherlands. Country’s diabetes care is essentially focused on primary health care, with the responsibility of general practitioners for many areas of care. the increase in the prevalence of obesity is another point of concern, leading to a massive increase in the number of patients with metabolic syndrome. According to Renub Research analysis report, Netherlands Diabetes Market is forecasted to reach USD 4.48 Billion by 2025.

During the last decade, The Netherlands has seen a rise in the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Almost half Netherlands population suffered from a minimum of one chronic illness in the last decade. DM is one of the diseases with a high burden of disease and a decrease in the quality of life in the country. But the great news is that with the ageing of the Dutch population and also the prevalence of obesity as a major risk factor for diabetes, the survival rate is improving. The same number of screening programs are being presented in the Netherlands.

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