Hosting and conducting a source code review can be expensive in terms of time, cost and security. Attorneys necessarily have to manage a balancing act to ensure not only that the producing party's source code remains secure but also that the source code review is done diligently and efficiently.

Copperpod's source code experts navigate through the source code quickly to identify:

Implementation of the patented technology with detailed excerpts

Missing source code

Missing documentation referenced in the source code

Most appropriate witnesses for testifying on source code

Relevant development and release dates

Source code from third parties

Source Code governed by open-source licenses

We use highly specialized tools and software that make the source code review process as efficient as possible – while ensuring that no relevant evidence is overlooked.

Building upon the source code evidence, our consulting experts work closely with expert witnesses and litigators to supplement patent infringement contentions, prepare exhibits for expert reports and refine technical arguments for depositions and trial.