Swargohana Parba Odia book Premananda Mahapatra

The Swargarohana Parba customarily has 6 adhyayas and has no auxiliary parbas . It is the second most limited book of the epic.
In the wake of entering paradise, Yudhishthira is baffled to find individuals in paradise who had trespassed on the planet. He then requests a visit to heck, where he finds individuals whom he had believed were great and highminded on the planet. He questions whether the divine beings were fair by any stretch of the imagination, and whether righteousness during natural life made a difference. Furiously, he requests that he be shipped off damnation so he might be with those individuals who were great, just, highminded, whom he cherished, and who adored him. The divine beings then, at that point, caused the fanciful damnation they had made as a test to disappear. Yudhishthira's dad, the divinity Dharma shows up, and salutes Yudhishthira for supporting dharma sending him to Vaikuntha, where he finds timeless bliss.Yudhishthira is cheerful. He meets Krishna, in his structure as Vishnu. He then sees Draupadi in paradise with his different siblings.