Growing demand for the personalised and customised kitchen is propelling modular kitchen market in the US as they're influencing purchasing decision of consumers. As a result, vendors are also providing personalised kitchens with innovative designs. With the increase of IoT devices, use of technology is growing within the US modular kitchen industry. Connectivity is quickly spreading to the kitchen and beyond from the living room. Advanced technology integrated into a modular kitchen is a private nutritionist, which helps to achieve nuanced health objectives in a very more efficient manner. Besides, a growing number of residential homes and partnerships between modular kitchen manufacturers and real estate developers is additionally going to augment the modular kitchen market in the USA.

Modular kitchens are available in several styles and price ranges which will be personalised consistent with a consumer's requirements. Modular kitchens can be tailor-made, looking on a budget of the customer, taste, and available space and personal preferences. Consumers can coordinate their kitchens in colour or select a design that contrasts with their house's theme. While this allows them to customise their kitchen, it also encourages them to work within their budget limits.

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